Our History, Recolored

Our History, Recolored

What a wonderfully mild and productive summer this has been!

Many of you who follow us have been aware of our long-standing projects to digitize local history. Well, behind the scenes we haven’t just been digitizing it, we’ve also been having many of our historic photos COLORIZED! So to make a long post short, here are some of the most WONDERFUL results below and we hope you have a fantastic time looking at these photos. If you know someone who would like to donate or have their photos colorized, please let us know and contact us.

No photo is too young or old, any history is important to our town!

Mountain Firetower. Unknown Date

A Brisk Ride on the Frisco Railroad. Unknown Date

An Unnamed House in Talihina. Late 1920s

Fishing on Lake Talihina. Unknown Date

A Good, Old-Fashioned Rodeo. Late 1940s

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