City Hall Meetings

Located at 207 First Street, Talihina Oklahoma

Talihina City Hall holds official meetings on the second Monday of every month. This page will contain updates on each meeting, some form of minutes, recording, or video for each meeting possible. For more information regarding meetings, how to speak at them, or any other questions please call the city clerk.

**Due to Covid-19 City Hall has been hosting their meetings on Zoom. They leave the information for the Room and Password taped to the front door.**

Their hours are Monday – Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm.

They can be contacted at (918) 567-2194.

Below are the monthly meetings in order!

Recordings have been provided by the city at the request of this site. In the future will be looking into acquiring our own recording equipment to produce better recordings independently.

On occasion there are issues with video or audio quality or missing recordings for certain months or special meetings. These videos are stored and represented in unaltered condition as they come from the city.

September 2021 Meeting!

August 20211 Meeting!

July 2021 Meeting!

June 2021 Meeting!

May 2021 Meeting!

April 2021 Meeting!

March 2021 Meeting!

January 2021 Meeting!

Special Meeting 12/21/2020

November 2020 Meeting!

October 2020 Meeting!

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