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Talihina.org is a website dedicated to posting exciting and historic information about the City of Talihina, Oklahoma!

Did you know that the name Talihina is a Choctaw phrase?

Once converted to its traditional spelling Tʋlihina or Tʋli-hina can be broken down into two words.

“Tʋli” meaning rock or iron and “Hina” meaning a path or road. This translates to “Iron Road”.

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Talihina.org was founded from efforts to bring information about our town to the internet age. Our website focuses on providing information about the town, city hall, and local businesses in a single permanent place. We look forward to watching our site grow and would like to do so with your help. If you have any information or interest in being involved with our blog posts, please contact us!

Let’s Celebrate Our Culture and History!

We do not in any way endorse or receive compensation from any business or entities mentioned on site. Our team consists of hard working professionals who are supplying public information to create a community resource website for Talihina OK.

If you are looking for the Talihina Chamber of Commerce, visit them at https://www.talihinacc.com/

If you are looking for the Talihina City Hall visit them at https://townoftalihina.org/

If you are looking for more things to do on the Arkansas side of our beautiful mountain or for extra information, visit https://www.talimenaroadtrip.com/

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