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Main Street Continues to Grow

Main Street Continues to Grow
Talihina’s Main-Street has truly been surging these past few years.

New additions such as Talimena Mercantile, San Bois Hospice, The Best Door on Dallas, Redeemed and Sunshine Salon are prospering as though they’ve been here all along. Since opening, they have truly beautified the corner of Dallas and Main and provided a fierce draw for passers-by through our town. This new lightning-rod of interest in Main Street has led to the development of two more businesses to be locally owned and operated by our very own Talihina folk.

Kiamichi Kactus and Deloaches Cajun Cuisine are sure to become incredible additions to our town’s central hub.

Kiamichi Kactus

This new boutique offers a much more literal take on the traditional Talihina Western Boutique that we’ve seen open time and time again. Locally referred to by it’s pet name, “The Kactus”; this lovely store bears a strong emphasis on local identity blaring through western themes.

Immediately sticking out is of course is the reference to the Kiamichi river and mountain range, but they also feature the Oklahoma native cactus Prickly Pear, and a top it all off with a strong (but healthy) influence of Rodeo heritage.

This very purposeful tailor-made image is backed up by their inventory that celebrates the same themes. Inside they sell many western accessories and continue to impress with rodeo themed items from the Oklahoma-born, Lane Frost Brand.

Deloach’s Cajun Cuisine

While we truly love all Talihina restaurants, we would be lying if we said this wasn’t a deeply exciting addition to the list. Deloach’s Cajun Cuisine located at the food truck lot on Dallas and Main offers true-blue authentic Louisiana dishes right here to our doorstep. It will be a new flavor in town and hopefully a long-term addition. Just from what is being shown on their new menu we can see they are offering incredible dishes like Crawfish, Praline, and King Cake. Hopefully we may find other Cajun Classics such as Gumbo, Boudin and Étouffée under that gorgeous Opening Soon banner.

Bonus picture: The door next to the Kactus is being repainted with drapes covering the windows. Can we expect another local-business hit soon?

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