New Kids on the Block

New Kids on the Block

AJ Butcher Block announces new grocery store for Talihina

This week many of you may notice a new sign across from the Choctaw Nation Healthcare Center. Situated by the road on a gorgeous red and white banner:

“Future Home of AJ Butcher Block, Talihina OK”

For those that don’t know about them or have never visited, they are a specialty grocery store situated in the heart of Buffalo Valley. Immediately they set themselves apart as a food provider by offering high quality foods, thrifty bundles and a store packed floor to ceiling with about as much variety as they could stock. For many, including myself they have been a primary source of meat, cheese, and frozen foods since they opened. They recently announced that they are building a new grocery store in Talihina.

We reached out to them and asked about what we could expect from this new store.

They replied to us by saying, “It will be focused on the expansion of the high quality meat we have now with the expansion on our produce and dairy. We will have more canned and dry items to come. We hope and plan to accommodate Choctaw WIC and State WIC. It will be a 4,000 sq building with a 2500 sq retail area.”

We are excited to have a new grocery store in town but even more excited to have one that is locally owned and operated. Looking forward to watching this wonderful store open and continue to grow our community. Their projections are to be open early next year. We wish you great luck, Yakoke!

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