Talihina, a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary

Talihina, a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary

As many states are encouraging the ever-growing gun mandates and restrictions from federal legislation, Oklahoma is making strong strides to declare itself a “Sanctuary State” similar to states like Alaska, Idaho, and Kansas. Local support for the 2A has been long shared between law enforcement and citizens, but the Second Amendment Sanctuary State Act promises to cement these passions into state law.

On February 22, 2021 nine Oklahoma senators voted “yes” on SB 631 to pass it out of the public safety committee and move it one step closer to a vote on the floor. The vote was spit by party lines at nine “yes” (Allen, Bergstrom, Coleman, Dahm, Jech, Rader, Rogers, Paxton, and Weavers.) and two “no” ( Brooks, Matthews).

The bill, introduced on February 2nd 2021 by Senator Warren Hamilton would cement existing gun laws to be locked to “as they exist today” and preempt the state from following any future legislation put forth by the federal government, or any agency that would further restrict gun laws.

SB 631 is supported many local police agencies, such as Leflore County Sherriff Rodney Derryberry and will be enacted immediately if it is passed and signed into law.

More information about SB 631 can be found here.

At this time is is unclear how and if the McGirt decision could affect the Sanctuary Act if it passes. Tribal Nations are beholden to their own laws, constitutions, and jurisdictions now covering approximately half of Oklahoma.

As the bill moves forward, we will continue to follow and update.

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