24 Hour Beta: Review!

24 Hour Beta: Review!
If you’re reading this, we thank you!

Those of you who can read this post reached out to us and viewed our site prior to the Beta or signed up during our 24 hour window for public access. We have received several messages containing feedback and information that will provide critical insight into ways that we can better improve our site through your help.

Talihina.org is going back into private mode for a short time.

We will be taking this time to do some finishing work and may add some new features to the website. Currently changes coming up will include finishing all pages labeled “Coming Soon” and beginning the lengthy process of adding markers for the “Explore Talihina” map.

At this time we are greatly considering the introduction of local sponsorships to help avoid a scenario that would require funding from non-local advertisement. Ideally we will provide banner advertisement and other forms of sponsorship that may include featuring local businesses for blog posts and content creation.

Our look forward from this point is very positive!

Within a 24 hour period we experienced over 100 unique visitors which is nearly 10% of all Talihina’s population. Of those visitors we experienced about 500 page views total which is well beyond our initial projections. We are head over heels about the turnout and hope that as we move forward we can see further development and interaction from public sources.

From this point on all users who are signed in can still check in regularly and see our changes as they are made. Open enrollment is live and anyone may sign up to view the page during this finishing phase.

Our page is mostly complete and we expect this finalizing period to last only 2-3 weeks

Yakoke, The Talihina.org Team

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