What is Talihina.org?

What is Talihina.org?
Talihina.org is a free and open resource for visitors and citizens alike to learn more about Talihina, its comings and goings, local businesses, events and politics.

It should be stated first and foremost that the online resources provided by our town are almost nonexistent or completely outdated. Talihina does have several private Facebook pages, a few unfinished websites, two abandoned forums, and a partially local newspaper. Ultimately, most of these resources are either unreliable, outdated, or simply unhelpful for finding information about Talihina. The ones that are truly resourceful can be frankly difficult to find.

Why create this website?

  • Because we need a single, central place to get in-depth information about our town, its businesses, local politics and the resources that we have. We also need a place to do this that is not influenced by the city, local businesses, or the pursuit of money. On many occasions over time, different city leaders and business owners have hidden, removed, or purposefully misrepresented information for political or financial gain. Talihina.org aims to prevent this by making an easy to access location containing as much information as we can find.
  • Because a democracy is only as informed as its people. This site is made to showcase Talihina in its entirety, and a main function of it is to show our City Hall meetings. We will also collect and distribute forms and general information that the city have not provided for online use. Currently we are working to create online copies of forms, ordinances and codes for online use. We believe that will assist in arming citizens with information about their rights.
This website will be under constant construction.

At no point should it be abandoned. The team of people contributing to this web page are passionate, informed and self motivating. Expect to see some minor issues because all the work, design, coding and photography have been unpaid unless credited. It may take a while to have everything up and running but we promise to be as accurate and precise as we can be. We do accept donations, and we are happy to take as much or as little as you can spare whether it be financial or informative. Yakoke!

If you or a business you represent are unhappy with your presence on this website or want to become more involved by supplying additional information about your business please contact us. We can quickly solve your problem or add new information as needed. We’re always one email away.

We do not in any way endorse or receive compensation from any business or entities mentioned on site. Our team consists of hard working professionals who are supplying public information to create a community resource website for Talihina OK.

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