Home to many eateries from authentic American to roaming Cajun food trucks, Talihina Oklahoma has many wonderful places to eat. Several of our restaurants are state or nationally known, some such as Pam’s Hateful Hussy, the ROCK House and Treats and Treasures to name a few. Below is a list of all currently operating eateries in the Talihina area and their contact info in no particular order.

Pam’s Hateful Hussy

304 Dallas Street, Talihina, OK

Pam’s is synonymous with Talihina. You could easily say that it’s one of the most well known business we have. The quality is always superb and the service is always homely. They specialize in American Dining offering everything from Burgers to Chicken Fried Steak. Sit for a while and enjoy the down home service, walls full of hand picked memorabilia and maybe even meet Pam herself.

Rollin’ Doe

712 Railroad Street, Talihina, OK

One of our newest restaurants in town, Rollin Doe immediately draws you into this feeling that it has always been here. Based on the service and quality of food we hope it always will be. They serve daily specials paired with breathtaking homemade desserts. Outside they have a walking track and tennis court, inside they have classic movies playing and an open mic with accompanying piano. Many things set this diner apart from other eateries in town, so many that you’ll have to check it out yourself.

Treats and Treasures

314 Dallas Street, Talihina, OK

Another staple of Talihina, Treats and Treasures provides a unique dining experience with their 50’s Coca Cola vibes. Specializing in artisan burgers, homemade milkshakes and sinful fried sides Treats and Treasures has filled its niche consistently since conception.

Chucks Classic Bar & Grill

15632 SE Highway #2, Tuskahoma, OK

It’s hard to pin-point exactly what Chucks Classic Bar & Grill is. All-in-all it’s an experience. You can get your motorcycle worked on here while enjoying incredible food and admire the in-door bike museum. Truly worth the drive out, Chucks can offer the feeling of seeing an old motorcycle for the first time, or the feeling of being on a good friends porch and enjoying an incredible meal. It definitely has something to offer for everyone.

The ROCK House

52060 Blackjack Ridge Drive, Talihina, OK

Situated past the outskirts of town is a restaurant that will take your breath away. The drive out of town followed by the long dirt road leading into this gorgeous location is something that sets it apart from the beginning. By the time you get there you already feel like you’re some place hidden, some place special. The ROCK House specializes in hand cut rib-eye steaks but they offer so much more from pastas and salads to dips and even Maryland Crab Cakes! An absolute must for anyone who wants to experience fine dining in Talihina.

Visit their website to learn more and make a reservation soon!

El Rancho Mexican Grill

704 2nd Street, Talihina, OK

You can’t talk about where something is in Talihina without comparing its location to Pam’s or El Rancho. Synonymous with our town, they offer Tex-mex style foods with bottomless chips and salsa. El Rancho provides the only Hispanic touch in our area but they provide great alternatives with their American foods.

Outlaw BBQ

103 Veterans Avenue, Talihina, OK

Another secret gem off the path of Main Street, Outlaw BBQ offers killer meats and sauces in just about every way you can think of eating them. New items include BBQ Salads and Loaded BBQ Fries that will blow you away. Their serving sizes are enough to leave third helpings for some.

Jack’d Up Nutrition

44783 OK-63, Talihina, OK

Something we didn’t know we needed (but now can’t live without), Jack’d Up Nutrition serves Teas and Shakes that are as healthy as can be and as customizable as a sno-cone. With three “levels” per drink and three sizes per cup, they can mix and match you a perfect drink. If you don’t know where to begin, they know all the flavor profiles by heart and can steer you right on your maiden voyage. They offer multi-drink discounts and punch-cards to boot.

Chata Grill

13900 SE, OK-63, Talihina, OK

The Chata Grill is a gorgeous new restaurant at the edge of town tied to the Choctaw Travel Plaza. They have a bit of everything from burgers to pizza and offer it all in a clearly designer envelope. The quality is always great and walks the line between hipster health food and designer fast food. It’s a great place to stop if you prefer less greasy and higher-end feeling food.

Legend’s Bar and Grill

204 Alley Lane, Talihina, OK

Legends serves arguably the best burgers in the area, city limits or not. They keep an accessible small town bar feeling but still have a fantastic quality of food and alcohol.

Donut Shop, Pizza and Sandwich Express

602 Dallas Street, Talihina, OK

One of the oldest restaurants in town, the Donut Shop is clearly here to stay. They offer hand made sandwiches and pizza that are unique from any other place in town. Their donuts are certainly a staple and rightfully so, they rarely leave more to be wanted from their quality of food. The seating is limited as most of the business is slated for to-go seating. It is well worth calling in ahead to get some of their awesome food.


400 Dallas Street, Talihina, OK

Local or not, Subway boasts some of the best sandwiches, wraps and cookies in town. They certainly have the most options but little description is needed for a chain restaurant with multi-million dollar super bowl ads.

My Crystal Chandelier

203 1st Street, Talihina, OK

A Coffe shop with pastries, gifts and jewelry, My Crystal Chandelier is filled to the brim with personal touches. It is newly rennovated with a gorgeous outdoor seating area and staffed by truly passionate people. This is a lovely business that we look forward to watching grow.

Bell’s Kitchen

100 Roberts Street, Talihina, OK

Bells Kitchen offers a home-style diner with homemade deserts and some of the most affordable dining in town. It’s a must try but they have limited space for large parties.

TaliMena Mercantile

202 2nd Street, Talihina, OK

Formerly home to both My Crystal Chandelier and Rollin Doe, TaliMena Mercantile hosts its own foods and experiences. A true conglomeration of ideas, it is greatly informed by the businesses it has held over the years. They serve daily specials that come with deserts and offer many curios inside along with the dining experience.

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