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Nanih Waiya Clean Up!

You are hereby invited to our first major event, scheduled for Saturday, August 20th from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm! This event will be focused around trash collection and beautification at the Nanih Waiya lake located just 16 miles outside of Talihina. Join us as we dedicate some much needed man-hours into clearing litter around […]

Talihina’s Stomp Dances, a Choctaw Tradition

It is hard to find much information, let alone reliable information, regarding the Choctaw Stomp Dance Grounds near Talihina. With this post, we are taking time to look back at some of the mentions of the traditional Stomp Dances from this area and to highlight an incredibly important act of historical conservation that those who […]

E.O.S.S or Bust! Talihina’s Nuclear Fallout Shelter

Picture the mid-late 1970s… You’re having a normal day when you hear from the radio, or perhaps a friend that the United States has just been the victim of a nuclear strike. While you probably couldn’t witness the mushroom cloud or even the loud blast from the epicenter of a large town, likely a state […]

Mixed-Race Education in Indian Territory, Talihina’s First Schools

The history of school buildings and general education in the Choctaw Nation is often hard to track. While the brick school pictured was, in fact, the first public school in Talihina, it was not the first school, nor was it the first school designed solely for the purpose of education as most scholars write. By […]


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Talihina Newspaper Archive

Historically, Talihina has been home to more than eight different newspaper companies.

A few of these have functioned or began in the 1900-1910 era or before. We have received and are scanning an archive of several hundred historic newspapers for record keeping and historic preservation. Our records span from 1905 to about 1996.

We do not own any of the content, copyrights, or images in these papers.
The archives are being posted for purely historic purposes to show the long and rich history of Talihina and as a way to permanently preserve the historic materials.
It should be noted that as we dive backwards into the waves of time, the archive will represent many hard subjects in the way that they were viewed at that time.
There may be triggering content for some but the archives will remain untouched for historical integrity. It is real history and it is our history.

Find our collection below!

To view our archives, simply click the name of the paper you would like to view and our site will take you to a page of archives pertaining to that newsletter!


The Bishinik is a monthly publication, published in The State of Oklahoma, sent free to registered Choctaw Nation tribal members upon request. It was started in 1978 and continued to 1981. After a long period of absence it was started again in 1997. It is published by the Choctaw Nation in Durant, Oklahoma. The Library of Congress shows a record of its publication from 1978 to 1981 and from 1983 to the present.

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma hosts their own collection at:

Hello Choctaw

Also the name of a Choctaw newsletter in Oklahoma City, this archive actually comes from Durant! Predating the Bishinik was the Hello Choctaw paper that was printed in Durant, OK in 1977. After realizing that there was already a publication of the same name, the Hello Choctaw was renamed to Bishinik in 1978.

Talihina American

The oldest copies of our archives hail from the Talihina American, a news print that is almost as old as our town itself. We have archives as far back as 1905. Talihina American is now printed by Tri-County Publications based in Wilburton OK.

Another online archive can be found at:


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