Groceries and Convenience

Groceries and Convenience

Talihina, Oklahoma is home to AJ Butcher Block, two Dollar Generals and four gas stations that double as convenience stores.

Grocery Stores and Supplemental Stores

AJ Butcher Block

13861 SE Highway 63, Talihina, OK, Oklahoma

Easily the best market available in the area, AJ Butcher Block brings a level of quality and selection we haven’t seen in years. They sell fresh meats, cheeses, produce and even frozen bulk foods.

Their hours are Monday – Saturday 7am to 8pm

Contact them at (918) 522-4480

Dollar General

904 Dallas Street Talihina, OK

Known by most as the “Dollar Store in Town” it provides canned, boxed and frozen foods while also supplying seasonal wares, light electronics, decorations, cleaning supplies and other varieties. They do not sell produce.

Their hours are from 7am to 11pm but subject to change from winter-summer hours.

Contact them at (918) 558-0662

Dollar General

14056 Se, OK-63, Talihina, OK

“The Dollar Store on the Hill” features a nearly identical inventory as the Dollar General in town. It was constructed to catch a vast amount of traffic that would travel West on their way from job hubs like Choctaw Nation or the VA. This location hosts a larger collection of house decorations and nutritional diet alternatives. They do not sell produce.

Their hours are from 7am to 10pm but subject to change from winter-summer hours.

Contact them at (918) 471-2915

JT’s Meat Market

202 2ND Street, Talihina, OK

Situated inside of Talimena mercantile, JT’s provides a hearty selection of meats, veggies and other food goods. Stop on by!

Their hours are Tuesday – Friday 11 am to 6 pm Saturday 11 am to 3 pm

Contact them at (918) 635-5781

Gas Stations and Convenience

Talihina Kwik Stop

54058 US HighWaY 271, Talihina, OK

Their hours are 8am to 5pm. Gas Pumps are 24 hour

Contact them at (918) 567-3054

EZ Mart

910 Dallas St, Talihina, OK

They are a 24 hour store.

Contact them at (918) 567-2577

EZ Mart

14075 SE Highway 63, Talihina, OK

They are a 24 hour store

Contact them at (918) 567-3351

Choctaw Travel Plaza

13900 SE, OK-3, Talihina, OK

They are a 24 hour business, the Chata Grill closes the dining room and operates drive-thru-only after 10pm.

Contact them at (918) 567-4360.

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