Talihina is well connected to its historic spirit and its citizens are well connected to their own religious spirits. This small town of only about 1200 people is home to 13 churches with one on nearly every street. Below are a list of all of our churches, their denominations and contact info.

Assembly of God

807 Dallas Street, Talihina, OK

Church of Christ

801 Helen Street, Talihina OK

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

1002 Church Street, Talihina, OK

Church of the Nazarene

105 Nelson Drive, Talihina, OK

Living Faith Church of God

1303 S Hellen Street, Talihina, OK

First Baptist Church

404 Emmert Street, Talihina, OK

First Methodist Church

200 Church Street, Talihina, OK

New Hope Freewill Baptist Worship Center

105 Roberts Street, Talihina, OK

Saint Catherine of Sienna

501 2nd Street, Talihina, OK

Saint Paul United Methodist Church

401 South 7th Street Talihina, OK

Victory Baptist

200 5th Street, Talihina, OK

War Cry Ministries

400 CHURCH Street, Talihina, OK

Pine Grove Church

Located of South HWY 63 on Ponderosa Road

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