Captain William Welch

Captain William Welch

William Anderson Welch was born April 23, 1836 in Morgan County, Alabama. He served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War.

He married Alice Walner, daughter of Dr. William M. Walner and Susan Carter, on April 12, 1865. William and Alice had four known children:

Elizabeth (Betsy) Welch (c1866- )

Mattie Welch (c1866 – )Robert Carter Welch (1868 – )

Charles Arthur Welch (Mar 1871-1927)

William Welch was the grandfather of Oklahoma Supreme Court Justice Earl Welch. He is an early pioneer of Talihina and served a majority of his life as legal council to our budding city and surrounding areas. His estate was often used for city gatherings and people valued him for his beautiful land and wild strawberries. At the age of 79 Captain Welch was claimed the sole death of Talihinas very first tornado, he was a pillar of the community and considered its eldest resident.

This photo was colorized, repaired and then animated by our wonderful team. We are looking to take photo donations of other Talihina residents as part of our “Living Museum”. We are offering a free colorization and animation for any photo donation or scan we receive, so long as they are buried in Talihina or can prove ancestry in our town. We aim to honor our communal ancestors and tell their stories in ways that may interest the younger generations.

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